Covid-19 Health Protocols


UPDATED 17/05/2021



We have be certified with the “HEALTH FIRST” from the Ministry of Tourism.

Please visit the website and fill your personal details 24 hours before your trip to Greece.

Entry to Greece from the Promachonas border checkpoint is allowed provided that travelers entering the country:

  1. have tested negative for Covid-19 by taking a PCR laboratory test, no more than 72 hours before arrival. This test is mandatory for all tourists (including children over the age of 5), and the diagnosis should be in English, including each person’s name and passport number or ID card.OR
  2. has completed his/her vaccination (i.e., 14 days have elapsed since the last vaccination, depending on the doses required) and holds a vaccination certificate

Important Information:

  1. Travellers are obliged to show a vaccination certificate (under the condition that the vaccination was completed more than 14 days before the arrival) or a negative result of molecular control (PCR) , which has been performed up to 72 hours before the entrance in Greece.
  2. The obligation to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) until 23:59 the day before entering in Greece, remains in force.
  3. Travellers may enter Greece through 9 airports in operation (Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Chania, Rhodes, Kos, Mikonos, Santorini, Corfu) or through 2 land boarders : Promachonas, Makaza (Nymfaia)
  4. Random rapid tests will continue as a measure for avoiding spread of Covid-19. In case of a positive result , the travelers and their escorts are accommodated to quarantine hotels, where they will undergo further PCR testing to confirm the initial diagnosis. In the meantime, travelers will be subjected to 10 days of quarantine in premises defined by the Greek State.
  5. The countries from which entry is allowed, under the aforementioned conditions, without the requirement for subsequent self-isolation are: EU & Schengen Area countries, USA, UK, Israel, Serbia, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Singapore, and the Russian Federation.
    • Non EU citizens are strongly advised to choose direct flights to Greece. In any other case, travelers should abide by the stop-over country requirements.
    • Russian residents, limited to four thousand (4,000) per week, are allowed to enter Greece by air ONLY.

PLF form:


Each one of us on our family business has been informed of the health and management protocols for COVID-19. We have been trained on the following:

  • The ways of which the virus is transmitted.
  • Behavior and actions needed to be taken in case of illness by the staff.
  • Methods and practices of cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces leading to the possibility of transmitting the disease.
  • Communication approaches to visitors/customers.
  • Maintaining the basic protocols to avoid transmitting the virus by thorough and regular hand washing, avoiding handshakes, keeping distances, avoiding contact of hands on the eyes, nose and mouth, and covering coughs and sneezes appropriately.


We have drawn up an Action plan for suspected cases.
Specifically, for the handling of a suspected case following the plan for dealing with a suspected case from National Organization for Public Health.
To ensure the implementation of the accommodation’s suspected case handling plan is followed.
The accommodations are obligated to share contact details to the according services of the Ministry of Health (National Organization for Public Health):
The owner of Nikos House in charge of implementing the action plan for suspected cases.


For the purposes of public health protection, the accommodation must keep a record of staff members and all people staying at the Nikos House – name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail), so that it is possible to communicate with these people in the case of any COVID-19 incident.


  • Check in: 15:00
  • Check out: 11:00


  • Deep cleaning of guest rooms prior check in. Cleaning and disinfection program (according to the current instructions of National Organization for Public Health).
  • Meticulous cleaning and good room ventilation during the time duration between stays.
  • Guest room disinfection.
  • Meticulous cleaning – disinfection with steam cleaner of the entire room and bathroom before arrival.
  • Non-regular room cleaning during the stay (to avoid unnecessary contact of cleaning staff with possible case and further transmission).
  • Elimination of daily cleaning and change of linen and towels will be each 3 days at the request of the customer.
  • Opening doors and windows for natural ventilation of the space daily required from our guests.
  • We place individual antiseptic liquids in each apartment.
  • Special instructions for cleaning in case of a confirmed case (according to the current instructions of National Organization for Public Health)
  • Prohibition of entry in the apartments for non-residents



  • A/C cleaning and disinfection upon every room change.
  • The use of air conditioning is not allowed when guests are absent from the apartment or studio.
  • A/C use is recommended for use only if the outside temperature is more than 39 degrees.
  • The recommended operating temperature of the air conditioner is 26 degrees Celsius and to no less than 23 degrees. The fan scale should be at 75%.
  • When the air conditioner is turned on, there must be an open window, for recirculation of air and natural ventilation